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If you believe that you have enough technical knowledge and writing skills, we’re looking for experienced writer(s) to join our team. *

* Note: We are not looking for tech news writers, guest posts or sponsored articles.

Professional Technical Writer/Expert in Windows Servers & Office 365 Admin Center .

Job Description

We are looking for experienced freelance writers to cover how-to guides on related issues or problems mainly on Windows 10/11, Windows Servers & Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Job Requirements

  1. The writer must have the experience and skills required to write tips, articles and instruction manuals that are understandable to the amateur user.
  2. The writer must have excellent writing skills in English language (text writing, punctuation and spelling).
  3. The writer must be creative, and have the ability to take suggestions for articles, or to suggest interesting ideas for new articles on the topics mentioned above.
  4. The writer must be at least 18 years old and must have its own computer with all the tools needed to write a comprehensive technical article with all the required screenshots.
  5. Each article should be around  600-1000 words and include the necessary screenshots. Deliverables: Article with screenshots/photos (in .PNG or .JPG format, sized at least: 800x600px), depicting in great detail what is mentioned in the article such as the steps to solve a problem, with markers (like arrows) that point where the user should click or what they should type.
  6. All the articles must be original work and not a copy of material found online or offline. All work will be checked for plagiarism with CopyScape.
  7. By applying for this job, you agree that I will name myself and/or others as the author(s) of your text/photos, including any modifications to, or derivative works from such text.

What we provide

  1. Completely flexible work schedule.
  2. Flexibility to select the article you want to write from a list of topics we will provide or to write an article based on your own idea (if we agree).
  3. You will be assigned to write one article at a time. As long as we are satisfied with the level of your work, our cooperation will continue.

Reward / Payment

  1. The reward will be a fixed price per article that will be agreed at the beginning of the work, depending on the topic and the size (number of words) of the article, and will be paid upon the delivery of the article.
  2. We support multiple payment methods like: payoneer, revolut, wise.

How to Apply
Send an email to "" and include the following in your email: *

  1. Your name and location.
  2. A brief description of yourself, your current job position (if any), and why you believe that you have enough experience and writing skills to apply to this job.
  3. A brief overview of the topics you are familiar with, and what operating systems/computers you have access to.
  4. Any previous experience you have with writing and/or blogging. If you have a previous writing for showcase, include a link to it in your email.
  5. Most important: We want a writing sample on any topic you want. (we prefer it to be related to Windows Server or Office365).

Good luck to all applicants.

* Note: Once more, we are NOT looking for tech news writers, guest posts or sponsored articles.